Standard visualization tools
Operator Panels

ProTool/Pro, WinCC flexible, WinCC Advanced, PanelView...

SCADA Systems

WinCC, RSView32, Cimplicity, FactoryLink...

Apart from merely requesting programmable control, the end user increasingly asks for human machine interface (HMI) that is easy to use and meets the state of the art. For complex and extensive installations or non PC-based operator panels, we can set-up your visualization with commercial off-the-shelf tools.
Visual Basic for human machine interface
Modular build; perfectly made to specification

The visualization only comprises features you really need.

Programs can be built quickly due to the easy-to-use integrated development environment of Visual Basic

Your system can be easily extended through the Active-X Control standard; this means no inflexible structure compared to proprietary off-the-shelf tools.

A customer-attractive license model - especially for larger number of pieces.

As regards small and medium speed installations or bulk orders, we have developed a special modular HMI system. The wide-spread programming language Visual Basic® from Microsoft serves as Front-End and development environment for our visualization.